What is the main role of the coupler


The coupler divides the power a part, which is named af […]

The coupler divides the power a part, which is named after the size of the coupling port. For example, a 6dB coupler is a 6dB attenuation of the coupling port and a 10dB attenuation of the 10dB coupler coupling port. Its through-port attenuation is determined by the size of the coupler.

For example, the 6dB coupler's through-port attenuation is about 1.5dB, and the 10dB coupler's through-port attenuation is about. Commonly used couplers are  and its through-port attenuation is different. The coupler is used in conjunction with the power splitter to achieve a goal.

To enable the transmit power of the signal source to be evenly distributed to the individual antenna ports of the indoor distribution system, so that the transmit power of each antenna port is substantially the same. In a microwave system, it is often necessary to divide a microwave power into several paths proportionally, which is a power distribution problem.

The component that implements this function is called a power distribution component, that is, a coupler. An optocoupler is an electric-optical-electrical conversion device that transmits electrical signals by means of light. It consists of two parts: a light source and a light receiver. The light source and the light receiver are assembled in the same sealed casing and separated from each other by a transparent insulator.

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