Butt welding aluminum and plastic pipe connection


The aluminum-plastic pipe can be in the form of a rubbe […]

The aluminum-plastic pipe can be in the form of a rubber ring interface, a bonding interface, a flange connection, and the like. The rubber ring interface is suitable for the connection of pipe with diameter  the bonding interface is only suitable for the connection of pipes with outer diameter of pipe less than 160mm; the flange connection is generally used for valve parts of other materials such as hard PVC pipe and cast iron pipe. connection.

The high density polyethylene plastic pipe can be connected by hot melt. When the polyethylene pipe is connected with the metal pipe, it is connected by a steel-plastic transition joint. When the rubber ring is connected, the inner diameter of the ring of the rubber ring should be 0.85-0.9 times of the outer diameter of the socket end, and the compression ratio of the rubber ring section diameter is generally.

Before installation, the groove of the rubber ring in the socket should be cleaned, the working surface of the socket end and the rubber ring should not have soil or other debris. Install the rubber ring correctly in the groove of the rubber ring of the socket. Do not install it or twist it. For the convenience of installation, wet the rubber ring first, but do not apply lubricant on the rubber ring to prevent the rubber ring at the interface. pop up. High-density polyethylene plastic connections for hot-melt connections are available in detachable and non-removable connections.

The detachable connector has a flanged interface, an exposed connector and a socketed flexible connector. The non-removable interface has a socket type electric hot melt interface and a docking type electric hot melt interface. The wall of the polyethylene pipe is smooth, it is not suitable to adopt the bonding interface, and the threaded connection interface should not be directly threaded on the pipe wall.

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