What kind of pipe is better for the water supply pipe


Most of the urban water supply pipe networks in China u […]

Most of the urban water supply pipe networks in China use ductile iron pipes, and relatively speaking, cast iron pipes can withstand greater pressure. The PE pipe is a nylon pipe, which has higher strength than the PVC pipe. Relatively speaking, the PVC pipe and the strength are low, but the construction is convenient.

There are two kinds of so-called steel-plastic pipes one is an inner-coated plastic steel pipe, that is, a pipe coated with a layer of plastic in a galvanized steel pipe, and the other is a steel-plastic composite pipe, which is a steel plate lining the PPR pipe, which is a A new, more hygienic pipeline. The latter tube is more expensive but also more sanitary.

Precautions for use: Most of the old urban areas are ductile iron pipes. If the area is at a higher altitude and requires secondary pressurization and is required to meet fire protection requirements, it is recommended to use ductile iron pipes.

For other types of pipes, I usually use PE100 or steel skeleton PE water supply pipes. These two are currently more popular. The tap water is preferably made of steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe. Its service life is 50 years. Later, the steel pipe will gradually replace the PE pipe, and the PVC-U is poisonously connected by glue. The life of the spheroidal tube is only 20 years, and the installation is troublesome.

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