Equal Tee

PPR Series-Equal Tee

Size: T20x20x20     T25x25x25     T32x32x32
           T40x40x40     T50x50x50     T63x63x63
           T75x75x75     T90x90x90     T110x110x110

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As a Professional China PPR Series-Equal Tee Manufacturers and PPR Series-Equal Tee wholesalers,Zhejiang Taida Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd is an enterprise specializing in manufacturing seamless butt-welding aluminum-plastic composite piping, bronze couplers and seamless butt-wielding aluminum-plastic composite crosslinking heating piping,which are all strongly featured with high intensity, erosion resistibility, far-reaching applicability and long durability

Taida Pipes Co. pledges to keep conforming to its management principle of “to start up by trust, to survive by quality and to develop by brand names” and will open its arms wider to its consumers for higher business potentials and prosperous prospect.Nowadays, the collection of products of Taida Pipes Co. have been widely used in the industries of tap water, gas, solar energy, petroleum, chemical engineering, metallurgy, pharmacy, papermaking, foodstuffs, textile, environment protection, etc. Also the PPR Series-Equal Tee are outbound for the counties like Romania, South Korea, Japan, Russia, etc.
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