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A large number of companies are entering the market esp […]

A large number of companies are entering the market especially foreign players apart from expansion of the existing market players with the introduction of new product ranges. Favourable growth drivers such as government policies encouraging construction of housing units, commercial spaces and development of the agriculture sector and promoting irrigation have driven the demand for plastic pipes.The Philippines Plastic Pipes and Fittings market has registered a constant growth with positive CAGR in last five years .

The growth in the market was largely driven by the increasing investments in agriculture and infrastructural projects promoting well-functioning drainage and sewerage systems and also provision of potable water to the population. The Philippines plastic pipe market is expected to grow at a positive CAGR from 2018-2022. The major growth drivers will be the rise in investment by the government in housing, sanitation and agricultural projects. This will increase the demand for plastic pipes and fittings. Many projects have been undertaken to improve the sewage and drainage conditions and potable water management system of the country.

There is also an expected shift in demand from PVC pipes and fittings to PE pipes and fittings used for a wide variety of uses including irrigation, industrial disposal, ducting and others.The UPVC pipes dominated the Philippines Plastic Pipes Market followed by HDPE which are the most commonly used PE pipes in the market as they are widely used in water supply lines, sewage lines and others.The major industries that govern the demand for PE Pipes are irrigation, residential, and Government projects in potable water distribution, drainage systems and more.PPR Pipes are rigorous, long lasting, leak free system along with fusion welding, ensuring a homogenous Plastic system.

PPR Pipes are generally used in hydraulic works in residential, industrial and public projects. They are also used in potable water management systems, watering systems in agriculture.CPVC Pipes are cost effective, easy to install, fire resistant, energy efficient and perform exceptionally well in tough conditions. CPVC is resistant to many acids, bases, salts and has a higher temperature resistance than UPVC Pipes. Due to its temperature threshold and chemical resistance, CPVC Pipes are primarily used for residential, commercial and industrial water and liquid transport. It is also used in transportation of chemicals, which may include inorganic acids, bases that are used for chemical processing.

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