Folding pipe fastening device manufacturing method


Oil is an important source of energy. After a long peri […]

Oil is an important source of energy. After a long period of time, oil is deposited underground. Therefore, oil must be mined, transported, and smelted before it is used.Petroleum transportation tools mainly use pipelines.

Since the transportation of petroleum is usually carried out at a long distance, the pipeline needs to use supporting devices in the transportation process to prevent the pipeline from sagging or even breaking under the action of gravity.The transportation of oil is usually carried out over long distances.

Therefore, the oil pipeline transmission line adopts a segmented structure to connect a plurality of sections of oil pipelines. Therefore, fastening means are required for the joints of the pipelines to be clamped.The fastening device of the existing pipe joint is usually a slip or a clamp type structure, which is not only inconvenient to operate, but also inconvenient to carry and transport.

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