Characteristics of lining plastic composite


Lining plastic composite pipe (epoxy resin coating, can […]

Lining plastic composite pipe (epoxy resin coating, can polyethylene coating, etc.) can be made by galvanized pipe wall set a certain thickness of the plastic (PE, UPVC, PEX, etc.), therefore also has the advantages of carbon steel pipe and plastic tubing. Plastic coated steel composite pipes are plain carbon steel pipe for the base material, coating or inside and outside the plastic powder coating, formed by heat melt bonding.

According to different purposes, can be divided into two kinds, a kind of inner wall coating PE, zinc nickel alloy. Another kind of internal and external wall coating PE. Inspecting &controlling (epoxy resin coating, can polyethylene coating, etc.) can the characteristics of lining plastic composite pipe features: health non-toxic, conform to the requirements of national food hygiene standards (GB/T17219); Corrosion resistance, fouling.

Plastic lining low thermal conductivity, heat preservation and heat insulation; Appearance of luxury, adornment sex is strong, small water resistance; Easy installation, reliable connection, no leakage; Heat resistant anti-aging performance is good, as the hot water pipe of up to 80.

For shuicheng steel lining plastic pipe main performance and for shuicheng structural steel pipe is similar, with both sides plastic coated is applied to transform plastic composite pipe, low thermal conductivity, saves material thickness of insulation and prevent dewing. In addition to outside diameter under the condition of small water sectionPsychology Articles, water loss and flow rate are increased.